Friday, April 15, 2016

Zutano Infant Booties Cozy Fleece and Regular

These booties are amazing they are the only shoes/socks I have ever found that stay on my babies feet moms and dads know you are constantly putting your babies socks and or shoes/booties back on well even with nylon tights underneath I can't recall a time they have come off the open design is great for putting them on and the two snaps make it so you can adjust them for your babies ankle size the quality is amazing (but it is on all their products) they really do hold up well and could be passed down/on which is great because they are kinda pricey but well worth it I bought my daughter 2 pairs one in fleece for winter and cold spring days/nights since we live on an island in Maine there are always cold nights and one regular for spring and summer they come in lots of sizes and colors/patterns for both boys and girls I got my daughters in size 3-6 months but she has worn them since she was like a month old and it seems like she will be able to wear them for quite a while longer they are also great because it is all flexible and machine washable for learning to stand or walk I love the Zutano brand anyway but these are the best no more socks or booties left behind in parking lots and stores because you didn't notice until you got home they only had one on I wish I had found these for my older children I recommend them to everyone I paid $22 bucks a pair and that seems to be the average price but I also know she will be able to wear them for months to come and I have saved a ton in lost booties and socks

These are the ones I bought for my daughter there wasn't much pattern choice at the shop where we live
These are from the Zutano site just a couple of examples of the tons of designs available