Friday, April 15, 2016

Lucear Baby Stroller Organizer Diaper Bag by FittingRun

This bag was a gift from my mom and it works great I tried it for the first time yesterday the material is water resistant (not waterproff I dont think) and machine washable it also has zip off mesh pouch for diapers and that sort of thing or it would be great for wet beach toys and stuff I didn't use it yesterday as we were only walking down town the main part that you Velcro to your stroller handle/s is great it has 2 cup holders that stay straight even up huge hills (I live at the top of one) I used one for her bottle and one for my coffee it also has a large rectangle storage spot between the two where I put my phone and her Binky(pacifier) which was great no searching under her for 10 minutes to find it there is a cute little zip off pouch on the front that you could use for money or credit cards just zip it off and run in the store because huge strollers are a pain in convince stores just don't forget to grab baby too lol it also has a head phone hole on the zip off pouch if you wanted to pit your phone or ipod or something like that in there which is a bonus it seems like this is a really well made item like I said I just got it but I will let you know if it breaks next week or something but seems like I will have it as long as I have the stroller (as long as I don't take it of the stroller and lose it) the only problem I had was it was really hard to look up a stock photo or place that sells it on Google I couldn't find it at all but I did have some luck on Amazon Family where it is on sale for $23

This is without the mesh bag attached

We are pretty much going straight up hill and since this bag hangs it staid straight up and down