Monday, April 4, 2016

Method Antibac All-Purpose Cleaner (bamboo) and Air Refresher (sweet tangerine)

    This is my new favorite brand for household products Method is a natural company that uses products you can pronounce the main Ingrid in their Antibac all-purpose cleaner is citric acid and it cuts grease, and still kills 99.9% the best part is that I can spray it on my counters, tables, appliances, and the kids toys without having to worry about the cats or kids touching it before I rinse it or before it's completely dry I also love the bamboo scent it smells clean and fresh without that chemical smell that makes you open all the windows also I love the air refresher spray not only does it not have all the chemicals like other air fresheners it also has no aerosol that's right its an air powered room spray which is great with the kids and animals but also because aerosol sprays make it so I can't breath and the sweet tangerine scent is like having a citrus grove in your home they also make amazing hygiene products and after I try them I will post a review on their personal hygiene line as far as price goes its great for the quality and size of the products and it really lasts quite a while also when I wrote to them about my blog they were so kind not an automated response like a lot of companies this is the only household product line I need
And of course their products are never tested on animals

Method Homepage Check Out All Their Products and How Hard They Work to Make Sure They are Safe for your family