Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bright Starts Bunch O Fun Elephant Blue

This Elephant really is a Bunch O Fun each leg offers a new and exciting texture or toy for your baby mines favorites are the rattle leg with a big clear ball full of little colorful balls attached to it and the ring leg with 2 different textured and colored rings attached to it 1 other leg has a bell in it and a teething type tag hanging and 1 has a bell in it and little different cloth tags coming out of it plus his ears crinkle and his front legs have elastic so they bounce all around when you shake it my daughter laughs so hard when you shake it over her and if you set it on her lap she yells at it and shakes it around the rings on its leg allow her to get a really good grip on it and we play a little tug of war game where I tell her its my elephant and she pulls it back I can really see her brain working and developing as she chews on his trunk and she tries to make it crinkle and rattle and the bright colors really keep her interested for quite a while he also has a little cloth loop at the base of his neck so you can use a link or whatever you have to attach him to a stroller, car seat, shopping cart or other toy we take it everywhere because it is honestly one of her favorites we only keeps 3 toys in her diaper bag and this is one of them and considering it is only about $8 at Walmart I think it's a really good deal it also comes in a brown monkey version there might be more animals but I have only seen the 2 I really think your baby and you will have a Bunch O Fun playing with this together

      She loves to chew his trunk then yell at him