Saturday, April 9, 2016

My Natural Butterfly and Dragonfly Stroller Toys

These are really nice looking and the cloth part is very well made and my daughter loves how soft they are and that their wings crinkle when she grabs and chews them which makes the fact that they are organic cotton and made with natural dye even better also the fact that you can put them in the washing machine is great but as stroller/car seat toys they don't work well I don't hook them to her car seat or stroller anymore because the plastic acorn shaped clip at the top is made too thin and when she pulls down really hard (or up depending what it's attached to) it bends and opens and half the time it snaps back at the child pulling on it so as a stroller or car seat toy this is not the best option but for just a regular toy for your baby to play with and drool on my daughter seems to love it and I left the plastic piece on so it is easier for her to get a grip on but if you're going to spend between $10 & $15 and want a toy you can use as a stroller/car seat toy 100% safely I would try something else

She really does like them she just stops whatever she's doing to stare at the camera