Monday, April 11, 2016

Nuby Lion Teething Blanket

This Nuby Teething Blanket is really fun for baby to play with the the bright colors catch her eye the lions head squeaks 2 of the panels crinkle and the big easy grip handles have different textures for her to chew on she loves playing with this trying out all the different feelings sections in her hands and mouth the handles make it so she can pull it with both hands and its easy for her to bring it up to her mouth to explorer by taste and in front of her face to explore by sight the handles also make it easy to attach to your travel items we like to both hold a handle and shake it she loves the sounds and interaction between us I love toys that provide easy fun bonding time for me and her dad but also stuff her brothers and sister can do with her we bought her this at Walmart for like $8-$10 not bad for the multi toy it is and I see online it comes with many options for the animal in the center and prices are up to $20 on some sites so make sure you use Walmart or amazon for the best value

She was playing with her Dad right before this and got mad he moved for the pictures lol