Monday, April 11, 2016

Gerber Flannel Receiving Blankets 4pk Multi Pattern in Pink

Gerber Receiving Blankets are a must when it comes to babies they are perfect for tons of needs I keep at least one in the diaper bag one on the back of the couch one in the car pretty much every room of my home has at least one of these blankets in it I use them to cover public changing tables (or my coat on the floor if there isn't one) I cover the couch cushions with them when changing her there cover her Boppy pillow with it after she just ate I use them as burp and spit clothes when she was born we used them to swaddle her they were the perfect size and put her right to sleep We use them under her head to catch drool wherever she is laying since she is a faucet right now these receiving blankets are a perfect size for pretty much anything and everything you can think of the price is pretty much the same as other brands but I think the patterns are cutter on these ones and Gerber is a brand I trust for my kids I love the quality for the price especially on These and Basic Onesies

Sorry they are blurry if I stop the swing or touch anything she will wake up the Gerber one has flowers and is white

Bought mine in 4pk like this just couldn't find picture of same patterns together