Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat in Avondale

This swing is a life saver with its sleep timer and compact space saving design but I wish it plugged in to a wall outlet my daughter loves this swing she has had many tummy troubles and the only way to calm her is rocking or swinging so she has spent many many hours in her swing the only problem with that is the 4D and 3C batteries required to run it the seat (which locks in place easily with 2 sliding locks at the top of the seat arms) takes 2Cs to vibrate and the bottom takes 4Ds to swing and they seem to drain about once every 2 weeks she does use it a ton but it seems like that is really quick the swing itself came with a ton of parts and required a screwdriver or drill to assemble but the instructions were easier to follow then most it probably took 10 or 15 minutes from start to finish after I got it assembled I decided to try out the folding feature it folds very easy but I did pinch my arm and get a bad blood blister so be careful the seat folds up to so it will lay flat but the cover falls of when you fold it up and the base does not lock in the folding position so it flips down when you are carrying it if you don't hold it just right but at home it works great the soft seat seems like its comfortable buckle is easy to use and comes with a hanging toy and spots for 5 more but the toy was kinda plain and didn't seem to interest my daughter it has 5 swing speeds plays lots of songs and nature noises with 3 volume levels and has a very handy timer you can set for 30, 45, Or 60 minutes to conserve batteries overall the swing is great but the travel features are kind of lacking that part would be great too with a few little changes it costs around $70 which is pretty much the same as all other travel swings its a good product for the price
Most naps are taken in her swing
This is the control panel on the base

This is one of the locks to hold it in the seat position shows red when in locked position

This is the stock photo