Saturday, October 29, 2016

Christmas Cards with 2 Designs: Kittens & All That Sparkles

These Christmas Cards Are Perfect For Our Friends & Family This Holiday Season

I always like to get two different sets of Christmas cards, that way I feel like I can send each person one that fits them best. This year is no exception, I have picked some fun cards with kittens, and some more traditional cards with gold and red decor. Most the time the funner ones go to friends and the more traditional to family, all with pictures and personal messages of course.The first set is the traditional cards, the package comes with twenty-four cards in two designs (12 of each), and white envelopes. The first design is a wreath with gold embellishments, and a gold plaque that says MERRY CHRISTMAS in a block type font, and has beautiful gold filigree. Inside the wreath cards it says, "Thinking of you at Christmas time. Warmest wishes for a bright and happy New Year." it's perfect for adding a personal message underneath. The other card is slightly different, but just as nice. It has two different Christmas bulbs on the front, they have gold dot accents and a gold ribbon. Of course it also says Merry Christmas, but on this one it is written in really beautiful gold cursive. On the inside of this card there is no message just a blank page for you to write your own warm thoughts on. I like that this pack includes both the pre-written and blank options. These cards are very large, I would call them over-sized. This makes them great for sending pictures and long heartfelt messages to loved ones.
There are certain people that you have much more to say to, because maybe you don't see or talk to them as often as you would like. Then there are people you see all the time and stay caught up with and for them a short nice message is enough, because you are just going to talk to them in a couple days anyway. For these people I use the other cards too.
The second set includes twenty-five cards in five different designs (5 of each), and white envelopes. All these cards have adorable kittens in shades of gray and black on them, and one even has a puppy. They are standard size cards, and are not folded when they arrive. The first card has three different kittens sleeping in a white wicker basket, with a Santa hat on top. Above that it says "Visions of sugar plums..." in red cursive lettering. Then on the inside it says "Have a purr-fect Holiday!" in the same red cursive, with 2 little gray paw prints. There is plenty of room on the inside to write your message to whoever. The second card is a single sleeping long haired kitten with a Santa hat on, and it is laying something silver. At the top in two different fun fonts it says "CATNAPS and dreams". Then on the inside it says in the same red cursive, "Take time to enjoy the holiday season", and two gray paw prints. The third card is a sleeping kitten curled up next to a sleeping husky puppy with a Santa hat on. This card has no message on the front and the writing inside is still red but in a simpler font. It says "Sending you warmest wishes for the holiday season", and has the paw prints. The fourth card has two sleeping adorable white cats on a white blanket, with silver garland behind them. Each is wearing their own little Santa hat. There are no words on this one just falling snowflakes. This one also has the basic red text, and paw prints. It says "May your Christmas be Merry and Bright!". The fifth and final design is the only one with awake kittens. It is also the only one that doesn't have just gray kitties. There are three kittens sitting up on the front, one has orangey colors, and  the other two are white and gray. Then they all have tiny Santa hats with sparkles on them, and up above in basic font it says "Meowy Christmas!" I really like the message on the inside of this one, it says "May this Christmas bring you the curiosity and wonders of the season." Then of course it has the paw prints.
Even though they are smaller the kitten cards all have a nice big blank area inside for you to write your thoughts, and warm wishes. I really love both sets of cards and I know that when my loved ones receive them they will bring a smile to their face. Everyone likes knowing that someone is thinking of them especially during the holidays. These cards are all on nice heavy duty card stock, so they will hold up if people stand them up to display on a shelf or mantle.

Get The Kitten Christmas Cards Here

Get The All That Glitters Cards Here

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Light Up Emoji USB Cord (Tongue Out) by: JOCRI

This Cord is Both Fun & Functional For Kids &Adults

This light up charging cable is lots of fun for any emoji lover no matter what their age. It is available in a bunch of designs, I chose the one with it's tongue out  for my oldest son for Christmas. I think he is going to love it.
This is your standard USB to Micro USB charging cord, but it has some really fun extras. The Emoji face is on the Micro end so you can see it when you are using the cord. The whole face lights up nice and bright so you can see to plug your phone or tablet in even in the dark. The rest of the cord lights up too. There are little lights the whole length of it. I thought that it just lit up, but I was wrong it gets better. 
The lights on the cord and face change color the whole time it's plugged in. It has a nice smooth, gradual change from one color to the next. This makes it both a charger and a night light if a child is charging their device in their room. 
I think this cord is adorable. It would make a great gift for any emoji lover in your life. I am almost 30 and think about ordering the one with heart eyes for myself. Also hubby tied to snag this one before I could get it in the Christmas box, so I might be buying 2 more. They don't have all the emojis available but I think there are enough that everyone will be able to find one they love.

(Wall Adapter Not Included)
Get a light up wall adapter here






Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nantucket Storage Bench By KidKraft (white)

I really love Serenitys new #KidKraft Nantucket Storage Bench, but it’s quite a job to put together

You Start with 24 pieces of pre-drilled wood, thankfully they are numbered so that does help a lot. I have had ones where you end up holding the piece of wood up to the manual trying to make sure it is the right piece. Then you have a sheet with 65 pieces of hardware (screws, anchors, etc.) and an Allen wrench. The screws and things are grouped by type in a clear plastic package, and all are clearly labeled A-F. The instructions are illustrated and do explain every step of the process with diagrams and arrows.

They are really easy to follow compared to others that you need a degree in architecture for, however it is still lot of work. Not too much for my little helper and I though, we got it done with girl power.
The finished product though is definitely worth all of it though. In the end you have a beautiful functional bench with a ton of storage. The finished bench is not just classically beautiful, it is really durable as well. This is made of real wood which means this is a heavy storage unit even when empty. The screws are plenty long enough so you can tell they are in there really well and it is not going to come apart, even with the abuse kids put things through.
Overall this Storage Bench is perfect. I am so happy with it, honestly it is way more then I was expecting. I really thought the bins would be thin ply-board, but they are nice thick boards. They even fit together with grooves, so I know for sure they won’t loosen up anywhere. This was worth the work and few swear words it took to put it together. We are going to enjoy this for many, many years to come, it is even an item that teens could use at the foot of their bed. Well worth paying the extra and getting this instead of a big plastic one.

Assembly does require an additional standard size Philips Head Screw driver. 

This product is available on multiple sites, at many different, often changing prices. Make sure you compare before you buy. There is also an option with pastel boxes.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

It's Giveaway Time Enter To Win This Awesome Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is amazing. Not only do you get a Bluetooth speaker with great sound quality and volume, but you also get a bright led flashlight and a large power-bank. This is the perfect companion for anyone that loves the outdoors. It is durable and waterproof, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. It is also great to keep in the car for emergency situations. The light and power-bank make it a real life saver, plus when your stuck somewhere you will have all your favorite music at your finger tips to keep you distracted. It even has a great wrist strap do you don't drop it or lose it.

Battery Capacity 4,000 mAh
Power Output 5V/1A
Speaker Power 10W
Playing Time 8 Hrs
Wireless Range 10-20 meters

BBNecessities Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

Monday, October 17, 2016

Foil Balloons Happy Birthday (Home Kitty) & #1 (ZooYoo)

There Foil Balloons are going to be perfect for my daughters first birthday.

The first set by Home Kitty is 13 foil balloons spelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY. They are bright fun colors with little hearts and stars all over them. These are large size balloons that will be easy to read no matter where you are standing in the room. The letters are actually shaped like they should be, meaning they have nice smooth edges and you will not have to try to figure out what it’s supposed to say. The seams are nice and wide I’m not worried about them separating when I go to inflate them. My daughter loves balloons and these are ones she will go crazy over. I am going to put them on shorter sticks and tape them along the back side of either the cake or present table. I also have a very large foil #1 balloon.
This one is by ZooYoo, it's solid gold in color and not like the letters on many levels. First of all it is much larger then the words are, I would call it an huge foil balloon. The second thing is that it is a little harder to tell what this one is supposed to be. The edges are more rounded and it just takes a second looking at it to figure out what it is. I do believe when it is inflated this will be less of an issue though. I think the gas inside will push the seems out further making the top and bottom portion have more defined easy to read edges. This balloon is going on a string and will be tapped in the center of which ever table doesn’t have the words.
Overall I think these balloons will all work great whether I was using just one or like I am doing using both together. These are made by different companies and this I believe is the cause for the discrepancies in designing of the out lines, everyone does it a little differently. However I still think they are both great and will work wonderfully together.

Get Your Happy Birthday Balloons Here

Get Your #1 Balloon Here

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of it (Happy Birthday)

Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of it (#1)

Scratch Off World Map by: Travel Inspired

This map is a great fun way to teach your child about geography.

This is a really good size  map, and you can clearly tell which county is which. It would look great in a family room or den or even on an older childs wall. Since the colors are so dark I don’t know how well it would match a younger childs room, and I just mean like 10 and up. I say this because of the maps intended purpose as well. This is a travel scratch off map, it even comes with its own special coin to scratch it with. They other stuff it comes with however was way more then I expected.
This map comes with a ton of stickers and is not just for keeping track of places you have been to in a fun way, although it does that very well too. You get a sheet of landmark stickers, including Easter island and the liberty bell. By putting these on the map carefully where they belong you will get a more exact representation of the land masses. You then have a sheet of animal stickers that are from all different countries. Then there are tons of fun sheets for so many things. You have vacation stickers (boat/plane/beach chair), you have tab stickers for places you want to go, there are a couple styles of these. There are flags and location bubbles, the words checked in and lived there, and even ones that just say happy place.
This is a great fun way for everyone to do something together that will both bond and educate the whole family. I really think the family room would be the best place for this so you can put the stickers on together and talk about the animals and landmarks. You can also talk about the places that each person wants to visit and why they would love to go there. I love this map and it would make a great gift for the traveler in your life.


Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of it

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

False Paper Eyelashes ( Witches, Bats & Jack O' Lanterns) By Expression Jewelry

 These Witch, Jack O' Lantern, and Bat Lashes are so cute for Halloween

 These lashes will require an adhesive and remover so I’m not sure how many uses I will get out of them so I am saving them for Halloween. I have done everything but glue them down though, so I know what they will be like to wear. I have never worn fake lashes before so I wanted to try to get a feel for it.
These are very light for the size of the design. I was afraid it would be too big and bother me.
I was able to try them on because they were a tiny bit sticky when I pulled them out of the package. They are much stronger then I thought, I am not saying just pull as hard as you can. However they are stuck on to the display very well, so they will require a little pulling. So after I pulled it out I was afraid it would be distracting, and I would be constantly looking up at it. It really wasn’t though, after a couple seconds of adjustment I really didn’t mind it at all.
These lashes are About the same length as my natural ones, except the owl and witch heads. This helps them not be as distracting. I think they are really cut and they are going to be a perfect fit for me. I want to dress up and celebrate the holiday but I don’t want to wear a complete costume. With these and a little face paint I will be ready to take the kids trick or treating. Then go to the grown up party later just adjusting my outfit in between. These are a great Halloween Lash option.

Get Your Own Fun Paper Lashes Here

Or Check Out All Their Other Amazing Products Here

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased review of it

Infinite Speed King Top RC Car (Yellow Aurora RS) By Babrit

This car is great for kids and adults

This remote control car is really easy for kids of all ages to use, once you get it set right. When I tried the car the first time it would only go backwards no matter how we tried the trigger. However I played with the knobs and trigger and I got it set so it works perfectly. This car has a very simple straightforward  operation so all kids can use it.
You use the trigger to go forward or in reverse, and the wheel is to turn left or right. That is literally all there is to driving it. The tiny knob is the one I had to play with to get it to function properly. I simply turned it all the way to the front and it works perfectly. The car also drives and handles very well.
You can adjust your speed by how hard you pull or push the trigger. You pull to go forward and push to go in reverse. The car handles really good. It is low to the ground and turns sharp when needed. You even have little spring shocks to handle rocks and bumps. This car also goes much faster then I thought it would.
The front and back bumpers are a great addition if you have kids that are going to use it. The bumpers stick out far enough that it protects it against slamming into everything. My kids have crashed a million times and you can’t even tell. The best part is that the car doesn’t require batteries. It has a rechargeable battery pack instead. The remote requires 4 double A batteries (not included), but them seem to last a long time. I put them in when we first got it and after hours of total play we haven’t had to change them yet. This seems to be much better then some others we have that go through a new set every time you use it.

Overall this is a great car whether you are a kid just learning to use one, or and adult that loves to drive RC cars.

Get Your King Top Car Here

Qs Race To The Top Party From EQtainment & Tryazon

This is a great game that children of all ages can benefit from. 

Qs race to the top is a fun board game that helps children to develop their social and emotional skills while keeping them entertained. The game says ages 3 and up and I think that’s about right, although children that just turned 3 may require a little more explanation on certain questions. The game board is nice and big with plenty of room around it for all players. The game pieces are 4 little brightly colored plastic monkeys, and to move you roll the die. When you move you land on one of three color squares each is associated with a different stack of cards. There are You, DO and Q cards and each is well thought out to help your child develop. The You cards are questions about your child. They cover everything from what made them happy today to when is it ok to cry, and what is a good sport. These are great for teaching them about expressing themselves and how they should treat others. The Do cards each contain an activity that your child will practice for a couple minutes then preform, we all did the activities together and it was so much fun. It was nice way to keep the kids attention on the game because they aren’t just sitting there the whole time. We really had fun with one where you stand up and spin both arms in one direction then in the other, and then try to spin one in one direction while spinning the other in the opposite, it’s harder then it sounds. The Q cards explain different situations that Q the monkey is in. they then ask questions like how could he have handled it differently, what should he say, and was it ok for him to do that why or why not. This game is really great, and after we played it I took it to the family counseling place I attend and showed them. They thought that it was beneficial enough that they are looking into getting it for their children that they see. My Tryazon Party pack also included some other great Q items.
We got Qs race to the top travel addition which is about the same as the board game, except it is just the cards in a tin. This makes it so they are easy to take with you in the car or on a plane, or even just to the park. You also get a read along story book. The book is about Q and his family, and comes with a CD for you to read along to. In the story there are different problems, and Q tries his best to solve them. However his solutions are not always the right way to do things, and his family is there to kindly explain to him the reasons why they didn’t work. It is a brightly illustrated well written story that kids of all ages will love. There is also a great coloring book that handles the same types of things. The pictures are outlined in a way that it is fun for your children to learn while they color. Finally there is Q himself. He is a great weighted plush monkey that is so soft your child isn’t going to want to let go. On the back of Qs box is a great breathing exercise involving the monkey, that will help your child unwind in those moments where they may work themselves up a little too much. This is great for my oldest son who suffers from ADHD, and the best part is he loves doing it.
Overall this game and the rest of the items are an amazing way to help children learn and grow into great adults, while keeping them entertained and having fun. I am so glad I got picked to host a party showcasing these amazing Q products, it really was a perfect fit for me and my family.

Download the Q Wunder App for great games & videos

"The Q Wunder app is the world’s most comprehensive parent- and kid-friendly emotional intelligence curriculum. As you unlock Q’s World, your child will learn game-changing life skills through customized content featuring:
* Our Q Wunder interactive kids’ show
* Original pop songs
* Music Videos
* Fun educational games
* Bonus features featuring celebrity guests"

For Android
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Disclaimer: I received these items from Tryazon and EQtainment for testing and promoting purposes these are my honest unbiased opinions and reactions to them

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Leather Bound Notebooks (diary & journal size)

These notebooks are absolutely wonderful for so many reasons. 

They are leather bound with some really great extras. They’re held closed with a black elastic band and a great little nautical type charm, also the pages are held in with elastic and there are two little metal charms on the bottom of each. The inside though is what makes this more unique then any other notebook I have ever owned. Inside of the smaller one you start with blank paper, which is a nice thickness it’s not like watercolor thick but it’s not so thin that your pen is going to leak through. No matter what kind of pen you are using. Then there is a piece of thin cardboard with a pocket, and a section of lined paper. The lined paper is the same as the blank when it comes to thickness. At the end of that section is another cardboard pocket that separates it from another section of blank pages. This is great because I can use it to sketch or to keep notes and record my thoughts. It would be great for a captain because you can sketch out maps and keep a log all in one place, this is why my husband loves it so much. The larger notebook starts with grid paper and goes to the cardboard and pocket. There is a lined paper section next and after another cardboard pocket you end with a section of blank paper. This large notebook is functional for business and personal use. They are both stunning and the leather is of a great quality. They are soft and supple, so the cover feels like a great pair of boots or handbag. These are great whether you have a use in mind for them already or just want an amazing notebook to have on hand in your home.

Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of it