Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dr. Browns Natural Flow Baby Bottles

These bottles work great and they really do what they say they do.
I had to use them with my first son too they really do help with gas and air in their stomach. The only down fall is you have so many little pieces to clean, and keep track of that you have to buy at least six to stay ahead of it. Unless your baby is willing to wait ten minutes while you scrub every nuk and cranny of the air flow system I know mine isn't. Then you can't put the middle piece back until after you shake it or powder gets stuck inside the tube, and make sure you put the disc between the bottle and nipple or it will leak every where. So yes they are good, and work but they are also a lot of extra work. See product photo below. I did forget to mention that the mouth of these bottles is the exact same size as a formula scoop so if you're in a hurry or have a baby kicking and screaming in your other arm you're going to spill it everywhere which wastes expensive formula and makes it take even longer because now you have a mess to clean up so I recommend buying the wide mouth version instead of the original size

Dr. Browns Natural Flow 8oz Bottles 3Pack