Sunday, April 17, 2016

Amazon Prime Customer Service

So this review is a little different than my others but I really had to write it because the service I have received recently has been sub par my normal amazon account and my Amazon review account are great and customer service is great courteous and helpful but I have had a very different experience with prime service I have had a regular amazon account for years but recently I signed up to do reviews and due to shipping prices decided to try prime so I clicked sign up for trial and it said I didn't qualify because I had already had a trial membership (which I hadn't) so I contacted regular amazon and they fixed it or so I thought so I signed up and paid my $1 fee with a prepaid visa like I do everything else (should have left about $35 on my card maybe a little less) I received a text from my card saying it went through and an email from prime saying welcome so far so good right well I woke up the next morning to an email saying my membership was cancelled due to insufficient funds on my card turns out that after I paid for my trial and it was approved they turned around and charged me for a year without any reason so I emailed them and my only response was well that my membership was cancelled because of my card being declined so I called them and the first woman I spoke to Margie was very nice and submitted a form to fix my trial well while I waited for her to fix my trial (which I thought was a quick thing turns out takes up to 2 weeks) I continued to revive automated emails from there system which made the whole situation even more confusing so I called back and spoke to a woman named Shelley who was not nice in fact she was rather rude both on the phone and in her email she said the only further contact I would recive would be from Margie when my problem was resolved ok that's fine I would rather talk to the nice lady then the rude one well this morning I received an email stating my credit card problems were fixed and to sign in go to my account and got continue membership so I signed in went to my prime account there was no continue membership just a thing to sign up for a new trial so I tried and. It said error I have already received a trial so I was very frustrated and confused so I called customer service again and got a new person this time don't know her name couldn't understand what she said it was so she she asked me what I needed help with today I asked her a simple question was the email I received this morning another automated email or was it supposed to fix my problem so she proceeded to put me on gold for 10 minutes while she checked and came back and told me she could offer no further assistance on this because it was already assigned to Margie I then informed her that I knew that I just didn't know if the email I received today was from their system or Margie and her answer was well you will have to wait to hear from Margie I then said to her so this email was from your system not her and she answered well sometimes our system sends out messages automatically and that's probably what you received this morning so I said that was me only question from the beginning was if this was an auto email finally I got my answer from her yes it was but it could have been a 2 minutes call instead of 20 if she understood English a little better I'm not trying to insult anyone but you can't help people efficiently if you don't understand them Margie is also from another country and she was great so I am still waiting to hear from her and hopefully she can fix it and restart mqtrial or it will only be like 10 days long when she turns it back on sorry this is different than my normal reviews but I promise to post a normal one later today