Monday, April 18, 2016

Bright Starts Rattle & Shake Barbell Girls Version

This is a really cute clear and loud rattle Serenity loves that she can shake it herself the 2 thin rods that spin next to each other give her a really good (easy) grip she can keep for a while the ends have solid bright shades of pink she loves to stare at on one side and clear plastic exposing brightly colored balls and a metallic background in one my daughter loves to just hold it in front of her face and stare at all the bright colors for a little bit then she will shake it a couple times and it's time to chew the thinker rims on the ends give her a good spot to work her gums on and the way the handle is means you can hook it to anything (so it won't fall on the floor) and it will stay hooked overall its a great sturdy toy thats well made and will help your baby master that hand eye coordination in no time there are tons of bright colored versions of this rattle for both boys and girls the bonus on this is that it's only like $3 at Walmart and they always have them in stock

This is the one we own