Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Chew and Rattle Bumble Bee

This rattle is so great and my daughter loves its bright colors and it's dual function (even if she doesn't know it) the rattle is nice and loud and clear she loves when I shake it and pretend its flying by the noise grabs her attention right away and the clacker beads make a great extra sound they also provide some extra textures and areas to chew on for your drooling teething little one it also has the wings which are a nice really big area for her to sinck her teeth into they are a really nice soft but firm rubber/silicone ish (not sure what it's made of just know it's hard feeling in the middle and has some give on the outside and is soft like silicone bake ware) the rest of the rattle (all parts except the wings) is a hard durable plastic which she really gets to chew on for a while because the slim ring shape makes it really easy for her to grab and hold onto by herself it also makes it so you can use a link/ring/loop/etc. to conect it to whatever your baby is in the best part is its only like $4 at Walmart there is also a boys version (see photo below) but its really different from the girls
She really likes how easy it is to hold onto

Girls Version
Boys Version