Monday, April 11, 2016

Taggie Ball Oodles the Owl Print by Mary Meyers

The Taggie Ball is a great toy with loads of different colors and textures some are silk and some are a soft version of corduroy (which is the one panel that lint and that type of stuff really stick to) the owl is adorable and my daughter loves the chime inside she loves having someone roll it to her and tries her best to copy and get in back to them using both her arms and legs It's great for learning coordination and sound recognition she also loves just holding it and chewing on all the different fabrics some of the faces she makes are like she's eating a lemon lol this is a great ball for baby to learn with its very well made its sift all the way around so you don't have to worry about accidents when your older children are showing baby how to play toss or mom or dad has it above baby and it slips because we all know it happens but the best part of this ball is on the inside the chime is loud and clear so baby knows when he/she hears it that its their ball and I know my daughter gets all excited when she hears the noise and sees all the bright colors this was a gift but I have found the owl version and a monkey version online for between $15-$20 I'm not sure if there is anything else like this for less but if you are debating it being worth the money keep in mind the 3year old I watch plays with it every time I watch her so I do know that most kids will like it for a long time and not out grow it in a week or two
She loves playing with her Taggie Ball alone

But she also loves playing with her Daddy and siblings