Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Urbini 3-in-1 Travel System Pink

I fully believe the most bang for your buck when it comes to strollers and car seats is to by them as a package deal unfortunately I am not usually able to do that because I have very small babies (under 5pounds) and most car seats are only safe for babies 6 pounds and up there are a few that go down to 5 pounds so this makes car seat shopping a horrible experience and trying to find a travel system with a car seat that goes down to 4 pounds is like trying to find the last unicorn and I found my unicorn in the Urbini Omni 3-in-1 Travel System and at Walmart of all places I went in to find that it was on sale for $60 made it the deal of my dreams since they are normally $200 the part that made this perfect for me was the preemie insert that made it safe for a 4 pound my daughter weighed 4pounds 9ounces the day she came home but the system has tons of great features first of all the seat faces front or back with two little buttons and it goes from sitting all the way up to laying flat like a bassinet second the way the car seat goes on is also front or rear facing and very sturdy the frame and car seat are super lite weight the front wheels lock straight for dirt driving which is great with no sidewalks on my road the canopy is huge and actually will keep them dry when facing mom next the basket on the bottom is really big and great for carrying your diaper bag or shopping bags the breaks are a easy foot bar system and the whole thing folds up flat with a button and a push this system is a little more expensive then some but they are on sale all the time at Walmart and they continue to mark them down mine went from $200 to $160 to $100 then to $60 only know this because stickers were still on the box it wouldn't have mattered though because I would have paid the $200 just for my baby to have a safe car seat and Urbini project are well made

With her preemie insert gone she will be able to use it just as long as any infant car seat