Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Walmart Savings Catcher on Walmart App

OK I didn't realize how great this app was until I got an email a couple months ago telling me to claim my 99¢ or I would lose it so I took a deeper look and I figured out it really is worth downloading the app and scanning my receipts every time (its even got my other half bringing his receipts home )it's super easy and it doesn't matter how you paid for your stuff (credit card/gift card/cash/etc.) You get your money back on a gift card for online or in store use and they check all big local competitors (can take up to 3 days) plus ever wonder what that weird item is on your receipt I do it all the time I read my receipt and I'm like what the hell is that well now you can see a photo so you know for sure and it doesn't matter if its only 1¢ less you get that penny back and it also shows you where you saved by shopping with them if you are a household on a budget and already shop at Walmart its at least worth looking into this app and I think you will agree it's worth the little extra effort after your shopping trip

This is a screen shot of my scanned receipts the amount I got back on each one and the amount I have available for a gift card
Photos next to each item on my last receipt