Friday, April 8, 2016

Nuby Silicone Chewbie Teether Pink & Green

My daughter was born with 2 teeth so she has pretty much been teething since the day she was born but in the last month it has gotten horrible we got the Nuby Silicone Chewbie Teether for her over 2 months ago but only lately has her hand eye coordination gotten good enough that she can hold it and chew on it herself she seems to really like the way the full flat side feels and I have noticed how light it is compared to water filled and vibrating teethers and the unique way it's shaped with the 3 different wide areas its really easy for her to grab/hold it herself which is great because I don't have to do it for her like I do with some of her other ones also its not much More then a water teether at about $4 so if you're trying to find a teether your baby can feel good about doing herself/his self this is a really good option