Monday, November 28, 2016


Win Stocking Stuffers For The Whole Family

(Open To US Residents Only Due To Shipping Costs Sorry)

This Giveaway is a mix of things for the whole family, from the kids to mom and dad, there's something for everyone.  

It's made up of a mix of great items I have gathered together over the last couple months, and I think you will love them just as much as I do. This bundle even includes a pair of Bluetooth Headphones and a genuine Leather Wallet.
(Prizes will arrive in time for Christmas)
BBNecessities Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

Prize List

1) Bluetooth Headphones
These are made by Airwalks and even include a great carrying case. The sound quality is great and the neon green and black colors make them fun and easy to find. They are rechargeable and you ccan answer calls with them. These will make any walk, hike, or bike ride so much better.
(MSRP $1Brush with Mirr
2) Genuine Leather Wallet
This is a really nice RFID blocking light brown bifold wallet made by Useful Thingy, with tons of room for everything. There are 9 card slots not including the ID window. Then there are 2 main compartments, and 3 hidden pockets.
(MSRP $19.97)
3) Stylus Pens
I have included 2 pens by CCIVV, 1 blue and 1 pink. These are great for school or the office with their dual purpose. You get the stylus for your device and the pen for quick notes. They are sensitive on your screen and write smoothly.
(MSRP $3.99 /each)
4)Leaf Necklace
A beautiful gold plated necklace with a truly unique design. The chain from one leaf goes through the other giving you that great multi-length look to go with all your fall scarves and sweater dresses.
(MSRP $4.99)
5) Bath Puff
This might be the best bath puff ever, seriously I have not found any like it. This Puff is made by Buddha Bath, and they know what they are doing. The quality of the mesh is great so it feels nice and soft on your skin. The size is also great, it is much larger then most others.
(MSRP $2.99)
6) Magic Color Lip Balm
This lip balm is made by Heng Fang, and is called magic color because although it looks clear it gives your lip[s a nice light pink tint. It also makes them feel really soft with the beeswax.
(MSRP $1.97)
7) Folding Brush
This folding blue and black brush even has a mirror and is by Louise Maely. This is great for travel or for using after the gym. I keep one in my purse for those just in case moments when your little one pulls your bun out.
(MSRP $5.99)
8) Glow-In-The-Dark Binki Clips
This is a 3 pack of glow in the dark binki clips from Baby Goose, and even includes a MAM and NUK adapter ring. The clips are plastic, and really easy to open and close. Great for keeping track of binkis in the crib or car.
(MSRP $8.99)
9) Love Bracelet
This is a multi-strand bracelet with nice soft pastel colors. Some strands are braided, and others have charms. There are 4 charms total, Infinity Knot, Love, Faith, and an Anchor. This is a fun bracelet for girls/women of all ages.
(MSRP $3.99)
10) Build A Snowman Kit
This is a fun activity from Kangaroo & Yagoozon for those days when old man winter makes it impossible to go outside to build a real snow man. The kit includes everything you need. 2 stick arms, 2 eyes, a carrot nose, and a smiling mouth. It says ages 5+ but as with everything that depends on your child. Mine had a blast.
(MSRP $12.99 /3pack)
11) Light Up Jelly Rings
The flashing light up jelly rings by Fun Central are great for boys or girls. To turn them on just squeeze and the light up bright and flash through tons of colors. I have included 5 different color rings. There is blue, pink purple, green, and orange. Your kids will love them, and they also make great Santa Mouse gifts if your kids know who that is.
(MSRP $29.99 /72count)
12) Emoji Gum, Light Up Yo-Yo, and Ball
These all come from Kangaroo & Yagoozon so I have listed them together. The yo-yo lights up and flashes. I has the heart eyed emoji on it. The gumballs come in a 5 pack and all have different faces. Finally the beach ball is 18 inches with the winking toung out emoji. These are great for anyone that loves emojis, my kids love all 3 items and so do I.
(MSRP $9.95 /6 Balls) (MSRP $14.95 /8 Yo-Yos) (MSRP $19.95 /Gum 24count)

Product Links:
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 Bath Puff
Lip Balm Was Purchased On EBay 
Folding Brush 
 Binki Clips 
Love Bracelet Was Purchased On EBay 
Snowman Kit 
 Jelly Rings
 Emoji Products

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Selfie Stick (Black / Wired / Universal) By: Stalion Products®

So I was the biggest Selfie Stick skeptic, but I am coming around with this one. Don't get me wrong I will not be walking around with my phone on a stick in my hand 24/7, but this does help for certain situations.
I am not really a selfie type person, yes certain days I feel like I look a little less awful and take one, but most the time I hide from cameras. I do however take pictures with the kids on holidays and birthdays. This stick is really helpful for taking pictures with friends and family.
This stick makes it so I don't have to try to make my arm 10 feet longer, or bend it at a backwards 90 degree angle. Normally it would take a contortionist to fit everyone and thier face completely in the shot. Now though I just stick the phone in the holder on the end, and plug the end in the headphones jack. Then get everyone together and smiling, press the button and you're done. It is so much easier seriously. 
This stick is really light and easy to use. You literally plug it in, aim, click, and done. I was afraid I would have to do stuff on my phone to make the button work, but fortunately I didn't. It is something everyone can use. The length is also nice. I can get the shot from far away, but it's not so long it's wobbly and hard to hold. 
I love it, and can easily carry it in my purse or diaper bag for all school functions and family outings. It also saves you from having to ask that stranger at the park to take a picture of you and your family. We all know how awkward and uncomfortable that can be for anyone.
So I have officially been converted halfway. I will be using it, and loving the relief it brings to my arm. Remember though there is still such thing as being obnoxious with your stick. 


Get Your Own Arm Saving Selfie Stick Here

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of it

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hardcover Spiral Bound Adult Coloring Book On The Go In Blue/Sea (includes carrying Pouch)

I really love my on the go coloring book for so many amazing reasons. I love adult coloring as a stress reliever when I have a free minute. Normally that isn't very often, like only at home after the kids go to bed. With this book though I can do it in many more places then before.
The design of this book is what really make it perfect for travel, well and the pouch of course. This is a spiral bound rectangular book. With a hard back cover and double sided pages. Since the pages can be flipped completely over the top, you are able to color on a hard surface no matter which picture your working on. Also the paper quality is really great.
Each sheet is really thick so you can color with any medium you want. Even though the pages are double sided there is no leaking through at all, even with gel pens pressing hard. I like to use my gel pens because of all the small details.
There is a nice mix in the book of challenging almost too complicated pictures, and some easier ones. There are pictures for every skill level and situation.
The carrying pouch is also really handy. There is plenty of room in the pouch to carry around all your coloring necessities too. This also makes it easier to carry in your purse, book bag, or diaper bag. I say this because you can just reach in and grab it, no more digging around in the bottom of your bag for that color you need. 
I don't get that much time to color, but with this book I have been making time. This has really helped me to handle my stress in a healthier way. I think it is perfect for any teen or adult color lover in your family. I have a personal connection to the sea, but no matter which you chose it will be beautiful.

Get Your Choice Of On The Go Coloring Books Here

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of it

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Elle Decor Duvet Covers Quilt Set in Patchwork Red (Quilt & 2 Pillow Shams Full/Queen Size)

This quilt set is great as your everyday bedspread or for that extra holiday company. This cozy quilt will definitely make all your guest feel right at home. 
This set includes your quilt and two matching pillow shams. It's available in many different color options to match any bedroom or guest room decor. I chose the patchwork red option because it reminds me the most of a handmade quilt. I love quilts, and I think they can make anyone feel more comfortable in a new place. They remind me of when I was little, because my favorite blanket was a quilt my mother made for me. I use this one as a blanket on my bed right now.
I have a comforter set but this is a perfect addition to that. I use just this on top of my other blanket on nice mild nights. On those cold nights that are coming (it will be 20 below here soon) though, I will be using both this and my other comforter to stay warm. This is deffinitly one of those quilts you will have for decades to come.
This is a nice soft well made quilt, and it is just going to get cozier the more you use it. I say this because after use and washing it will be more broken in and more like someone made it ecspecially for you. The pillow cases are just as nice with matching patchwork designs, with the same materials as the quilt. All the pieces have nice strong stitching that won't break or split on you. I honestly belive this will be one of those blankets you have around your home for generations to come. My children and I love snuggling up under this to watch a movie and it is plenty big enough for the whole family to enjoy together.

This Quilt Set Is Available Here In Many Colors & Sizes

Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Mugs (Set of 2 / 15 oz) by: Peak Eclipse

These are perfect for summer camping trips. They are also great for just sitting around the kitchen table with your significant other or friends. However in Maine, where I live, these are not good for outside use after September.
These Double wall stainless steel mugs are really nice looking with the polished finish, and small sleek handles. They are also bigger then most coffee mugs, which is great because I drink a lot of coffee. With the 15oz size I don't have to refill my cup nearly as often. The rugged material and design makes these great for camping trips.
These are perfect to keep in with your camping gear for many reasons. They do keep your coffee warmer in the summer months, because of the double wall design. This makes them more like a to-go cup. The fact that they are metal means they will hold up to the beating that your camping supplies endure, unlike a glass mug that would break. At least it would in my gear, with my family. They will also hold up better since they aren't thin aluminum that will bend easily. For those reasons these are great for camping, hiking, or any outdoor hot beverages.
These are also really nice just to keep my coffee warmer, longer sitting in my kitchen in the morning. Since I live in Maine though these are not good to use outside this time of year.  This is because of the metal, and the low temperature here. When I use these outside the stainless cools down really quick, and therefore my coffee (or whatever) gets cold very quickly. This is not something that happens with just these mugs though. It is an issue I have with using all metal cups here, even with travel mugs that claim they will keep it hot for hours.
Overall these mugs are great for almost any situation. Plus if you have a stainless kitchen they would match perfectly.

Get Your Own Set Of Stainless Mugs Here

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of it

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Spy Camera Alarm Clock by: Icemoon (White)

This Clock Does Anything & Everything You Can Imagine

This clock is exactly what I need in my living room. It Not only does everything an alarm clock does, but it's also a hidden security camera, and more.
First off it is an alarm clock, and it looks like any other alarm clock you see in the store. However if you get up close you can tell that something is a little different. I will explain that in a moment. This clock and alarm are set just like any other, with buttons on the back. You Have a time, mode, set, up and down button. The clock comes with a nice easy to follow manual, this will explain step by step setting it up and everything else. This clock doesn't just tell you the time, it also has the temperature (available in both Fahrenheit & Celsius) on it which is a really nice bonus. It tells you the month, day and year as well, it really does do everything. The clock has a nice sleek design and the white color means it fits in with any decor. This Spy clock is smaller then the other I have in my bedroom, and I think it seems more like an average clock. It is far from average though.
If you get up close to the face of this clock you will notice it says lens. This is the camera lens, and the part you will use to aim this in the direction you want to record. This does include it's own micro SD 8gb memory card and adapter, which is great because it means you can use this as soon as it arrives. When the clock comes it also includes the charger (micro usb), the remote, and a reflective cover for the face of the clock. This cover will eliminate the chance of someone seeing the word lens on it, I have included a picture before the cover is on and one after to show what I mean. To use the camera part is really quite simple.
First of all make sure your clock is fully charged and ready for recording. This means you have inserted the SD card as well, the slot for it is right above the battery area. There is also an on, off switch located here for the camera, make sure that is in the on position.  After you have the card in simply place the clock so it is aimed at the area of the room you want to record. Then with the remote you can control the camera without touching the clock, this will help you be discrete about it. There are 4 different modes for you to record in, all controlled with the tiny remote. 
You have motion activated recording, which means when motion is sensed in front of the camera it will start recording video. This one is great for trying to catch someone in your home when your not there, or things like that. The second mode is just regular recording. This is good if you want to record something going on in it's entirety, like a conversation of something. The third one is for taking still images. Not quite sure what I will use this one for yet, maybe at Christmas for random candid pictures of everyone. The 4th and final mode is just sound recording. This Would be great for conversations, and the recordings take up very little room without images. I love all the modes, and was very surprised/impressed with the quality.
The pictures and videos are really clear (I use the adapter to view them on my laptop), you would never guess they were taken with a clock. Everything in the images is clear you can even see some smaller details.  The range is also great you definitely don't have to have it right next to the person or object you want to record. The sound is nice and clear, and it doesn't fade in and out like some voice recorders I own do.
Overall This is just a Really Great alarm clock and hidden camera. It really preforms like a high end model for both aspects. If you are looking to record in secret you need this clock.

Get Your Own Spy Clock Here

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of it

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Christmas Cards with 2 Designs: Kittens & All That Sparkles

These Christmas Cards Are Perfect For Our Friends & Family This Holiday Season

I always like to get two different sets of Christmas cards, that way I feel like I can send each person one that fits them best. This year is no exception, I have picked some fun cards with kittens, and some more traditional cards with gold and red decor. Most the time the funner ones go to friends and the more traditional to family, all with pictures and personal messages of course.The first set is the traditional cards, the package comes with twenty-four cards in two designs (12 of each), and white envelopes. The first design is a wreath with gold embellishments, and a gold plaque that says MERRY CHRISTMAS in a block type font, and has beautiful gold filigree. Inside the wreath cards it says, "Thinking of you at Christmas time. Warmest wishes for a bright and happy New Year." it's perfect for adding a personal message underneath. The other card is slightly different, but just as nice. It has two different Christmas bulbs on the front, they have gold dot accents and a gold ribbon. Of course it also says Merry Christmas, but on this one it is written in really beautiful gold cursive. On the inside of this card there is no message just a blank page for you to write your own warm thoughts on. I like that this pack includes both the pre-written and blank options. These cards are very large, I would call them over-sized. This makes them great for sending pictures and long heartfelt messages to loved ones.
There are certain people that you have much more to say to, because maybe you don't see or talk to them as often as you would like. Then there are people you see all the time and stay caught up with and for them a short nice message is enough, because you are just going to talk to them in a couple days anyway. For these people I use the other cards too.
The second set includes twenty-five cards in five different designs (5 of each), and white envelopes. All these cards have adorable kittens in shades of gray and black on them, and one even has a puppy. They are standard size cards, and are not folded when they arrive. The first card has three different kittens sleeping in a white wicker basket, with a Santa hat on top. Above that it says "Visions of sugar plums..." in red cursive lettering. Then on the inside it says "Have a purr-fect Holiday!" in the same red cursive, with 2 little gray paw prints. There is plenty of room on the inside to write your message to whoever. The second card is a single sleeping long haired kitten with a Santa hat on, and it is laying something silver. At the top in two different fun fonts it says "CATNAPS and dreams". Then on the inside it says in the same red cursive, "Take time to enjoy the holiday season", and two gray paw prints. The third card is a sleeping kitten curled up next to a sleeping husky puppy with a Santa hat on. This card has no message on the front and the writing inside is still red but in a simpler font. It says "Sending you warmest wishes for the holiday season", and has the paw prints. The fourth card has two sleeping adorable white cats on a white blanket, with silver garland behind them. Each is wearing their own little Santa hat. There are no words on this one just falling snowflakes. This one also has the basic red text, and paw prints. It says "May your Christmas be Merry and Bright!". The fifth and final design is the only one with awake kittens. It is also the only one that doesn't have just gray kitties. There are three kittens sitting up on the front, one has orangey colors, and  the other two are white and gray. Then they all have tiny Santa hats with sparkles on them, and up above in basic font it says "Meowy Christmas!" I really like the message on the inside of this one, it says "May this Christmas bring you the curiosity and wonders of the season." Then of course it has the paw prints.
Even though they are smaller the kitten cards all have a nice big blank area inside for you to write your thoughts, and warm wishes. I really love both sets of cards and I know that when my loved ones receive them they will bring a smile to their face. Everyone likes knowing that someone is thinking of them especially during the holidays. These cards are all on nice heavy duty card stock, so they will hold up if people stand them up to display on a shelf or mantle.

Get The Kitten Christmas Cards Here

Get The All That Glitters Cards Here

Disclaimer: I received these products at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of them

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Light Up Emoji USB Cord (Tongue Out) by: JOCRI

This Cord is Both Fun & Functional For Kids &Adults

This light up charging cable is lots of fun for any emoji lover no matter what their age. It is available in a bunch of designs, I chose the one with it's tongue out  for my oldest son for Christmas. I think he is going to love it.
This is your standard USB to Micro USB charging cord, but it has some really fun extras. The Emoji face is on the Micro end so you can see it when you are using the cord. The whole face lights up nice and bright so you can see to plug your phone or tablet in even in the dark. The rest of the cord lights up too. There are little lights the whole length of it. I thought that it just lit up, but I was wrong it gets better. 
The lights on the cord and face change color the whole time it's plugged in. It has a nice smooth, gradual change from one color to the next. This makes it both a charger and a night light if a child is charging their device in their room. 
I think this cord is adorable. It would make a great gift for any emoji lover in your life. I am almost 30 and think about ordering the one with heart eyes for myself. Also hubby tied to snag this one before I could get it in the Christmas box, so I might be buying 2 more. They don't have all the emojis available but I think there are enough that everyone will be able to find one they love.

(Wall Adapter Not Included)
Get a light up wall adapter here