Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Little Starter Toddler Blanket Pink With White Polka Dots (Available in Multiple Patterns)

My daughter is a blanket baby by which I mean no sleep for anyone if she doesn't have her blankie and its different for all babies sometimes it's a blanket sometimes it's a stuffed animal or doll doesn't matter for whatever reason most babies have one comfort item and for my daughter since the day her aunt gave it to her its been this blanket I'm constantly spinning it because she has chewed the edge until it's soaked she has to smell it to calm down and sleep luckily the blanket is really well made since I have to wash it every 2-3 days I would say I have washed it about 50-60 times so far (I wash with cold water and free & clear laundry soap) and all that had happened is a string on one edge pulled so the hem on that side is a little twisted but with what it goes through I'm very pleased that is all because all parents know you can buy another one that is the exact same in every way but to your child it's not and they know it's different don't ask me how they do they just do so I'm really glad she picked such a durable blanket as her comfort/safety item so I don't have to worry about it for right now the basics are it's very soft very durable lightweight material with strong stitching and adorable patterns I'm not sure how much it costs but to my daughter and my sanity its priceless if you look at my other posts she has it with her in almost every picture

Her blankie is her best friend