Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bright Starts Busy Birdies Stroller and Carseat Toy Bar in Pink Owl Design

This toy bar is great a and my daughter loves it but there are a couple downfalls first the good this toy hooks to your stroller or car seat with 4Velcro straps 2 on each side so its really easy to attach or switch back and forth between the car seat and stroller it also has really bright colors especially the pink on the owl who has a heart on his stomach that you push and it lights up and plays music and he has clacker beads hanging from it then there's a pretty little blue bird whose stomach is see through and has bight colored balls inside to rattle and the final part is a purple flower with a mirror on one half of one side it wish it was bigger my daughter loves to listen to the music and watch the flashing light there are really only 2 small issues I found first of all the music is super loud and there is no way to adjust the volume secondly there is no power switch so if you have other children say like a 3 year old sometimes they push it and wake baby up so I just wish I had an option to turn off the sound if you want but my daughter plays with hers everywhere in the car seat and stroller but also in her swing and just normal play time on the floor the flashing lights bright colors and music really hold her interest but the toy it's self is durable and very well made and I only paid 8 dollars at Walmart and it comes in a couple designs that I know of the pink owl and then I saw a frog and a tiger version they are all a little different but all have musical animal in the middle and a rattle animal and some kind of mirror they all look like a baby would really enjoy them