Thursday, April 7, 2016

Girly Girl Nesting Blocks by Jill McDonald

These nesting blocks are not only beautifully designed they are made very sturdy I bought these for my daughter at Christmas time I know she is too young for them but I got an amazing deal they were 85% off so I figured I would buy them and put them up a while but my friend has a 3 year old daughter I watch a lot so I took them out for her to play with and she absolutely loved them they have numbers 1-10 on them and also the alphabet and make counting and letters fun with adorable pictures of little girls doing everything you can think of and sweet treats or animals and pretty designs the blocks really help with her brain development especially problem solving skills and hand eye coordination she got so excited every time she put one on and her tower didn't fall over But of course her favorite part was knocking it down I also Was looking at them as she played thinking when my daughter is quite a bit older if we still have them they would make cute storage containers for little toys and odds and ends and considering the price on a set of them is about $20 making them useful after they are done playing with them will help you feel like your getting your money worth but if they are in your price range or you can find them on sale somewhere they really are beautiful and seems like they are perfect for kids around 3 or 4 years old

She was so proud and so nervous it was going to fall over before she could knock it over lol

Knocking it down one block at a time