Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New England Coffee Eye Opener and Donut Shop Blends

So I know that this review is a little different than the others but any stay at home mom knows coffee is a necessity for sanity or at least it is in my house I have to admit I drink coffee all day long I know I know it's not good for me but with a colicky sleepless baby 3 kittens, kid messes, husband/partner messes and the stress from all of it adding up to what seems like 36hr days without my coffee I don't know what I would do now dunkin donuts is my go to brand when on the road but I don't like their bagged coffee don't know why but it's just not the same at home in my cheap coffee pot and with town water New England Coffee is the best I drink their Eye Opener Blend when I get up to give my day a little kick start it is a mix of light roast and dark roast coffees (mixed after roasting) its nice and strong without being bitter and then throughout the day I drink the Donut Shop Blend its a nice light roast so I can drink it with anything and it won't overpower the taste of what I'm eating I also like that New England Coffee Company has been around for 100 years and 4 generations its also roasted only 6 hours from my home they have a blend or flavor every taste I also really enjoy their Breakfast Blend the prices for this coffee varies wildly for example at the grocery store in my town it sells for $9.98 (10-12oz bag) but but at the Walmart 30 minutes away it is literally half that at $4.44(10-12oz bag) so depending on your location this might be a great value and it might not I hope it is and if you love coffee like I do I really encourage you to try it

           New England Coffee Company