Wednesday, April 27, 2016

DōTerra Essential Oils (Lavender & Serenity)

Ok so I have be used Essential Oils before this (except to make my house smell pretty) and I had no idea what to use where or when or even how I sign up for samples all the time they are great (why spend money on something before you know if you like it if you follow me on Twitter @BBNecessities I tweet contest & freebie links all the time) and I saw a link for free Essential Oil samples and a guide book so I thought why not if I don't like them at least my house will smell nice They said they were from when I signed up they didn't ask what samples I wanted they asked what problems I had I told them that I have back and body pain and also problems with stress and relaxing at the time I didn't know that they were DōTerra samples or even who that was a very nice woman named Dona wrote me an email and asked more about my problems then after I gave her more info she picked some samples for me and sent them right out I received my samples and guide plus the DōTerra Magazine (which is full of great uses for your oils and great articles about their company and its practises this is also when I figured out Dona and her husband were one of many advocates for the company) Plus there was a hand written note from Dona listing my samples and their specific uses for my problems They Serenity goes over your heart at bedtime or whenever to help you de-stress and the Lavender goes behind the ears or on the soles of a babies feet is to help you relax and fall asleep (also received their Deep Blue Blend for pain but haven't tried it yet) the only problem was my Lavender sample had completely leaked out and was about empty so I called the number on the letter just to let them know Donas husband answered and said they would ship another right out(have not received as of this post) there were a few drops left in the very bottom though and since my daughter was having a horrible night thanks to her teething I decided to try a little bit on the bottom of her feet (there wasn't enough for an adult anyway and at that point I would have tried anything) I was amazed when she actually started to calm down and let her eyes close the result was almost instant  she went from screaming to sleeping in about 10minutes maybe 15 so after getting that result I decided to try the Serenity Blend over my heart when I went to bed just like the note said and was shocked again at the effects of something so simple I don't really know how to explain it I didn't get sleepy or anything like that but my body gradually started to feel lighter like there wasn't as much pressure on me and between the Essential Guide with over 250 uses and the magazine with great recipes for everything from food to homemade cleaning products it doesn't seem like you would ever run out of uses to try the best part for me though is that they are safe for my whole family I can use them on the kids to treat all kinds of things and I can use them around the house and not worry about having chemicals everywhere for my children and pets to ingest I really thought that Essential Oils were just an expensive gimmick but now that I've tried them I realize that they are expensive but they last a very long time even if you use them every day because you need so little for it to work (even the tiny sample bottles will last me a couple weeks using them at bed time) now I'm hooked I love them and will be getting more as soon as possible I want to try as many uses as I can

The Contents of My Sample Package