Sunday, April 3, 2016

Powerpuff Girls Premier Party

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     We unfortunately didn't have many people that were able to make it but the kids loved all the stuff in our free Powerpuff girls party pack and they absolutely loved the show my friends daughter literally screamed with joy when the movie started my son decided he is most like blossom and his sister who is a baby with colic is like buttercup because she is grouchy a lot lol my friends daughter said she was bubbles because they both have yellow hair for our party we all decorated together the kids had a great time putting the balloons and pennant together and deciding where the poster should go then we made sugar cookies with our special Powerpuff cookie cutters while they baked they ate pizza then decorated cookies and gave each other Powerpuff tattoos then they watched the episode with their masks in hand and then lastly we made homemade play dough to use our cookie cutters again overall they had a great time and were ready for bed when we were done Everyone had a great time thanks to House Party and Cartoon Network
Making sugar cookies with our free cookie cutters

Decorating our cookies

My little Powerpuff Girls lol

Even the baby watched the whole episode

We got this a poster and tons of balloons to decorate with and the kids loved helping put them all up