Tuesday, April 5, 2016

NUK Girls Fashion Baby Talk Orthodontic Pacifier 0-6 Months 2-Pack, Silicone

      Every baby has a favorite pacifier and my 5 month old daughter is no different she started with one that resembled the soothie or gumdrop brand pacifiers with one huge difference they were vanilla scented and also she couldn't keep them in her mouth without help she was also born with 2 teeth so I had to think about what a pacifier would do towards making them crooked so she used the hospital one when we got home but we only had one extra and we lost that the 1st week and so we bought gumdrop brand because the shape was the same nope wasn't going to happen she hated them cause they were thicker and didn't smell like vanilla well big surprise none of them smell like vanilla unless you want to try to find them online and with a newborn I didn't so then we bought the silicone orthodontic NUK pacifiers to try and it took a little getting used to but she didn't hate them and everyday she liked them a little more bonus she kept these ones in herself no more standing there with my finger on a binky when there's more than enough messes to be cleaning also since they are orthodontic I don't have to worry her teeth will grow wrong she loves the silicone but I bought the exact same thing but latex and she screams as soon as its in her mouth they don't bounce across the floor like others do and they hold up really well you have to really try to break any part of them and the price is about average I think it's a great value you can't put a price on a quiet mommy minute

Her first NUK binkies silicone 0-3 months

They used to put her to sleep

Her new Easter NUK pacifiers silicone 0-6months

She still loves them and now she just talks around them