Friday, April 8, 2016

Bright Starts Lots of Links 24ct.

These are a necessity we use them all the time in all kinds of ways but she also loves when I just hook them all together in a random mess she pulls at them and loves to chew on all the different shapes and textures I also Use them by attaching them to her hanging toys so she can reach them and pull them closer or use them above the toy to lower it to within her reach (like I mentioned in my Fisher Price rocker and activity mat reviews) I also use them to connect little toys to her stroller and car seat like rattles that have double handles they are also good for the grocery store with my older children I would make a short chain and hook their toys to the cart so I didn't have to worry about their toys ending up on the nasty floor and how I was going to clean them in the middle of trying to remember everything on my list because I never remember to bring the list of course these links have so many uses they are practical for mom and dad and fun for your baby and at $4.30 (at Walmart) they are a great value they come in packs of 24 but it's worth pickings up 2 packs so your baby has plenty to play with and you can leave some in the diaper bag and some on the stroller, car seat,or wherever otherwise you're going to be switching them constantly

Playing with her links attached to the toys on her Fisher Price rocker