Monday, April 11, 2016

Early Years Hedgehog Wiggler Stroller/Crib Toy

This is another diaper bag essential she loves The Early Years Hedgehog for its bright colors different textures and it vibrating makes her squeal lol she loves to chew on his nose and the bright blue section is always soaked she tries to fit her mouth all the way around him his cute little feet are each a different color teething tab and she chews those once in a while but usually she only cares about the body and to make it vibrate you just pull down on it (it has a nice big plastic open ring to hook it to stroller, car seat, and even crib) I bought this toy for $5 because in the store an older child had pulled too hard on it and now you pull on it and sometimes it sticks and doesn't shake its way back to the clip but when it does that you just pull it a little harder and it starts up again but I think kids are rough with things and that part should be made a little stronger than it is but it doesn't take away from the toy at all my daughter doesn't care if it sticks sometimes and I just care that it's well made and safe and the hedgehog and clip are both well made and safe which makes it an easy choice for my diaper bag basic 3 and that my daughter loves it of course the connector piece is safe just its just not well made

She loves her Heddgie so much