Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fisher Price Cozy Fit Playtime Tummy Wedge in Safari Print

This is a help for tummy time which my daughter is not a big fan of with this wedge she is up a little so that helps plus it has toys attached to the front for her to look at and play with the lions head crinkles and right now that's her favorite sound these things help her brain to develop and help her hone in her hand eye coordination although she still only uses it about 5 minutes before she is over it but she got a stand up mirror for Easter and with that in front of her she will use it maybe 10 minutes the biggest bonus for me is that with this wedge I don't have to worry about her smasher her face on the floor when she can't hold her head up anymore which is something I really worry about with my hard floors its shaped like a mini Boppy pillow so as she grows she can sit up and put it around her waist to play with the toys and I'm all for grow with me toys so you can get the most for your money the toys included with this are great but if you have other Fisher Price items with hanging toys they are interchangeable and for ones that don't fit in the tabs I use bright starts links(about $5 for 24 at Walmart)to connect them or to make them a little longer so she can reach them at $20 this wedge is a little on the pricy side and there might be a cheaper alternative but with this one I know I can use all my other Fisher Price parts which is another great way to get the most out of stuff before your baby outgrows it overall its a quality product for the price I just wish it came in girl colors to match the rest of her toys

If she isn't using this there is no point even trying tummy time

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