Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sassy Standing Floor Mirror in Blue

As I mentioned in my Cozy fit tummy wedge review this Standing Floor Mirror from Sassy had greatly improved tummy time in my house my daughter is not a big fan she wouldn't do it more than 10 seconds before we got the tummy wedge then it went up to about 5 minutes which was good but not great so a woman who comes to my house monthly for a program called Maine Families (they provided you with resources and activities to boost babies brain development and lessons for mom and dad on what toys provide the most brain stimulation and development) she said since my daughter liked her other mirrors so much she might like tummy time better with this in front of her and she did she now will put up with about 10 minutes double what it was before she loves talking to herself in the true mirror (I mean it doesn't make your face look all funny) plus she is try to reach out for the bugs that are attached she really likes the spinning rattling ball on the lady bugs back and the frame is really squishy too so I feel ok letting her try to bring it to her mouth with nothing to smash into her teeth or nose or eye the colors are bright and register really well with her still developing vision the easel design makes it really steady on the floor or even on a crib mattress or Velcro will hold it shut I received this as a gift like I said but have seen them at Walmart for between $12-$15 I have also seen a Bright Starts version for like $8 I know nothing about that one but I do know my daughter loves this one and the added 5 minutes on her tummy is great for her motor skills and for woking on her mobility

She is having a very intense conversation with the baby in the mirror