Saturday, April 16, 2016

Baby Starters Girls Snuggle Buddy Doll Pink and White

My daughter Serenity received this as a Christmas gift and it is our 3rd and final diaper bag necessitie when it comes to toys we have to bring with us Serenity loves this doll it really is a Snuggle Buddy its so soft it is made from 3 different types of material her body is a super soft cotton type material the outside of her skirt is a extremely soft cuddly mix network silk and fleece (I don't know what it is I just know my daughter loves rubbing it on her cheek) and the underside of her skirt is a nice soft silky material since the day my daughter received this doll she has snuggled it and chewed it (she was born with teeth so she was pretty much born teething and chewing) thankfully you can just toss her in the washer with babies clothes whenever she starts to get dingy this doll really does help comfort her (not as much as blankie does) and bonus she is adorable from her pink hair and pink cheeks to her little black ballet shoes and she is made right in New York so thats a plus Serenity talks to her and pulls her in all kinds different directions from what I can see it costs between $8 & $15 and there are different versions of her including ones attached to blankets (I will have to look into those with her 2 favorite things together she would probably love them)