Monday, April 4, 2016

Fisher Price Pink Kick and Play Piano Gym

     This activity mat is great for teaching your baby cause and effect I got it for my daughter for Christmas to use it she just lays on her back and kicks the piano and it plays a song for about 10seconds then they have to kick it again to hear more it has hanging toys for them to try to reach I used some basic links from Walmart to lower them to within her reach and with a mirror right dead center above her she will play a long time she loves it as she gets older the piano flips up so she can play it sitting up my friend has a 3 year old and she loves playing with it too and it has cloth loops to hook the toys to at the top of the mat for tummy time it also matches all her other fisher price toys in the pink safari line last time I was at my local Walmart it was $50 but it's a lot cheaper at target like $15 cheaper

She loves this mat even more now that she can reach the toys and has figured out how to make it play the music