Saturday, October 29, 2016

Christmas Cards with 2 Designs: Kittens & All That Sparkles

These Christmas Cards Are Perfect For Our Friends & Family This Holiday Season

I always like to get two different sets of Christmas cards, that way I feel like I can send each person one that fits them best. This year is no exception, I have picked some fun cards with kittens, and some more traditional cards with gold and red decor. Most the time the funner ones go to friends and the more traditional to family, all with pictures and personal messages of course.The first set is the traditional cards, the package comes with twenty-four cards in two designs (12 of each), and white envelopes. The first design is a wreath with gold embellishments, and a gold plaque that says MERRY CHRISTMAS in a block type font, and has beautiful gold filigree. Inside the wreath cards it says, "Thinking of you at Christmas time. Warmest wishes for a bright and happy New Year." it's perfect for adding a personal message underneath. The other card is slightly different, but just as nice. It has two different Christmas bulbs on the front, they have gold dot accents and a gold ribbon. Of course it also says Merry Christmas, but on this one it is written in really beautiful gold cursive. On the inside of this card there is no message just a blank page for you to write your own warm thoughts on. I like that this pack includes both the pre-written and blank options. These cards are very large, I would call them over-sized. This makes them great for sending pictures and long heartfelt messages to loved ones.
There are certain people that you have much more to say to, because maybe you don't see or talk to them as often as you would like. Then there are people you see all the time and stay caught up with and for them a short nice message is enough, because you are just going to talk to them in a couple days anyway. For these people I use the other cards too.
The second set includes twenty-five cards in five different designs (5 of each), and white envelopes. All these cards have adorable kittens in shades of gray and black on them, and one even has a puppy. They are standard size cards, and are not folded when they arrive. The first card has three different kittens sleeping in a white wicker basket, with a Santa hat on top. Above that it says "Visions of sugar plums..." in red cursive lettering. Then on the inside it says "Have a purr-fect Holiday!" in the same red cursive, with 2 little gray paw prints. There is plenty of room on the inside to write your message to whoever. The second card is a single sleeping long haired kitten with a Santa hat on, and it is laying something silver. At the top in two different fun fonts it says "CATNAPS and dreams". Then on the inside it says in the same red cursive, "Take time to enjoy the holiday season", and two gray paw prints. The third card is a sleeping kitten curled up next to a sleeping husky puppy with a Santa hat on. This card has no message on the front and the writing inside is still red but in a simpler font. It says "Sending you warmest wishes for the holiday season", and has the paw prints. The fourth card has two sleeping adorable white cats on a white blanket, with silver garland behind them. Each is wearing their own little Santa hat. There are no words on this one just falling snowflakes. This one also has the basic red text, and paw prints. It says "May your Christmas be Merry and Bright!". The fifth and final design is the only one with awake kittens. It is also the only one that doesn't have just gray kitties. There are three kittens sitting up on the front, one has orangey colors, and  the other two are white and gray. Then they all have tiny Santa hats with sparkles on them, and up above in basic font it says "Meowy Christmas!" I really like the message on the inside of this one, it says "May this Christmas bring you the curiosity and wonders of the season." Then of course it has the paw prints.
Even though they are smaller the kitten cards all have a nice big blank area inside for you to write your thoughts, and warm wishes. I really love both sets of cards and I know that when my loved ones receive them they will bring a smile to their face. Everyone likes knowing that someone is thinking of them especially during the holidays. These cards are all on nice heavy duty card stock, so they will hold up if people stand them up to display on a shelf or mantle.

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Disclaimer: I received these products at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of them