Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Qs Race To The Top Party From EQtainment & Tryazon

This is a great game that children of all ages can benefit from. 

Qs race to the top is a fun board game that helps children to develop their social and emotional skills while keeping them entertained. The game says ages 3 and up and I think that’s about right, although children that just turned 3 may require a little more explanation on certain questions. The game board is nice and big with plenty of room around it for all players. The game pieces are 4 little brightly colored plastic monkeys, and to move you roll the die. When you move you land on one of three color squares each is associated with a different stack of cards. There are You, DO and Q cards and each is well thought out to help your child develop. The You cards are questions about your child. They cover everything from what made them happy today to when is it ok to cry, and what is a good sport. These are great for teaching them about expressing themselves and how they should treat others. The Do cards each contain an activity that your child will practice for a couple minutes then preform, we all did the activities together and it was so much fun. It was nice way to keep the kids attention on the game because they aren’t just sitting there the whole time. We really had fun with one where you stand up and spin both arms in one direction then in the other, and then try to spin one in one direction while spinning the other in the opposite, it’s harder then it sounds. The Q cards explain different situations that Q the monkey is in. they then ask questions like how could he have handled it differently, what should he say, and was it ok for him to do that why or why not. This game is really great, and after we played it I took it to the family counseling place I attend and showed them. They thought that it was beneficial enough that they are looking into getting it for their children that they see. My Tryazon Party pack also included some other great Q items.
We got Qs race to the top travel addition which is about the same as the board game, except it is just the cards in a tin. This makes it so they are easy to take with you in the car or on a plane, or even just to the park. You also get a read along story book. The book is about Q and his family, and comes with a CD for you to read along to. In the story there are different problems, and Q tries his best to solve them. However his solutions are not always the right way to do things, and his family is there to kindly explain to him the reasons why they didn’t work. It is a brightly illustrated well written story that kids of all ages will love. There is also a great coloring book that handles the same types of things. The pictures are outlined in a way that it is fun for your children to learn while they color. Finally there is Q himself. He is a great weighted plush monkey that is so soft your child isn’t going to want to let go. On the back of Qs box is a great breathing exercise involving the monkey, that will help your child unwind in those moments where they may work themselves up a little too much. This is great for my oldest son who suffers from ADHD, and the best part is he loves doing it.
Overall this game and the rest of the items are an amazing way to help children learn and grow into great adults, while keeping them entertained and having fun. I am so glad I got picked to host a party showcasing these amazing Q products, it really was a perfect fit for me and my family.

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Disclaimer: I received these items from Tryazon and EQtainment for testing and promoting purposes these are my honest unbiased opinions and reactions to them