Saturday, October 22, 2016

Light Up Emoji USB Cord (Tongue Out) by: JOCRI

This Cord is Both Fun & Functional For Kids &Adults

This light up charging cable is lots of fun for any emoji lover no matter what their age. It is available in a bunch of designs, I chose the one with it's tongue out  for my oldest son for Christmas. I think he is going to love it.
This is your standard USB to Micro USB charging cord, but it has some really fun extras. The Emoji face is on the Micro end so you can see it when you are using the cord. The whole face lights up nice and bright so you can see to plug your phone or tablet in even in the dark. The rest of the cord lights up too. There are little lights the whole length of it. I thought that it just lit up, but I was wrong it gets better. 
The lights on the cord and face change color the whole time it's plugged in. It has a nice smooth, gradual change from one color to the next. This makes it both a charger and a night light if a child is charging their device in their room. 
I think this cord is adorable. It would make a great gift for any emoji lover in your life. I am almost 30 and think about ordering the one with heart eyes for myself. Also hubby tied to snag this one before I could get it in the Christmas box, so I might be buying 2 more. They don't have all the emojis available but I think there are enough that everyone will be able to find one they love.

(Wall Adapter Not Included)
Get a light up wall adapter here