Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nantucket Storage Bench By KidKraft (white)

I really love Serenitys new #KidKraft Nantucket Storage Bench, but it’s quite a job to put together

You Start with 24 pieces of pre-drilled wood, thankfully they are numbered so that does help a lot. I have had ones where you end up holding the piece of wood up to the manual trying to make sure it is the right piece. Then you have a sheet with 65 pieces of hardware (screws, anchors, etc.) and an Allen wrench. The screws and things are grouped by type in a clear plastic package, and all are clearly labeled A-F. The instructions are illustrated and do explain every step of the process with diagrams and arrows.

They are really easy to follow compared to others that you need a degree in architecture for, however it is still lot of work. Not too much for my little helper and I though, we got it done with girl power.
The finished product though is definitely worth all of it though. In the end you have a beautiful functional bench with a ton of storage. The finished bench is not just classically beautiful, it is really durable as well. This is made of real wood which means this is a heavy storage unit even when empty. The screws are plenty long enough so you can tell they are in there really well and it is not going to come apart, even with the abuse kids put things through.
Overall this Storage Bench is perfect. I am so happy with it, honestly it is way more then I was expecting. I really thought the bins would be thin ply-board, but they are nice thick boards. They even fit together with grooves, so I know for sure they won’t loosen up anywhere. This was worth the work and few swear words it took to put it together. We are going to enjoy this for many, many years to come, it is even an item that teens could use at the foot of their bed. Well worth paying the extra and getting this instead of a big plastic one.

Assembly does require an additional standard size Philips Head Screw driver. 

This product is available on multiple sites, at many different, often changing prices. Make sure you compare before you buy. There is also an option with pastel boxes.