Friday, October 7, 2016

Home Kitty 36 Inch Round Latex Balloons (12pk)

These huge balloons will definitely stand out at any party or event.

I don’t think when I ordered these I realized just how huge they would be, but blowing them up it seems like you will never be done. When I was blowing the first one up my son kept telling me to stop because it was going to pop. I used the top to judge when it had enough air there is a little nub on top and as it gets bigger the ripples and nub disappear. When they are both gone I stopped blowing and tied off the end.
The end of these balloons are really large, and I had to use my whole hand to hold it around my mouth. They are also hard to tie because of the size, but I got it after a couple tries. I really like how thick these are also. They seem much thicker then a standard latex balloon. This is great since I will be using them for my daughters first birthday and this means there will be a ton of kids playing with them. The colors you get are also really nice and bright.
In this set you get 3 of each color, pink, gold, white, and red. We have decided to play with the red ones and keep the rest for the party since they will match the other decorations the best. Keep in mind that these will require a good amount of time, and probably some help, to blow all of them up. I was lightheaded from doing just one. 
Overall these are absolutely amazing and everyone that comes to your party or event is going to ask you where you got them and how you inflated them.

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of it.