Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Spy Camera Alarm Clock by: Icemoon (White)

This Clock Does Anything & Everything You Can Imagine

This clock is exactly what I need in my living room. It Not only does everything an alarm clock does, but it's also a hidden security camera, and more.
First off it is an alarm clock, and it looks like any other alarm clock you see in the store. However if you get up close you can tell that something is a little different. I will explain that in a moment. This clock and alarm are set just like any other, with buttons on the back. You Have a time, mode, set, up and down button. The clock comes with a nice easy to follow manual, this will explain step by step setting it up and everything else. This clock doesn't just tell you the time, it also has the temperature (available in both Fahrenheit & Celsius) on it which is a really nice bonus. It tells you the month, day and year as well, it really does do everything. The clock has a nice sleek design and the white color means it fits in with any decor. This Spy clock is smaller then the other I have in my bedroom, and I think it seems more like an average clock. It is far from average though.
If you get up close to the face of this clock you will notice it says lens. This is the camera lens, and the part you will use to aim this in the direction you want to record. This does include it's own micro SD 8gb memory card and adapter, which is great because it means you can use this as soon as it arrives. When the clock comes it also includes the charger (micro usb), the remote, and a reflective cover for the face of the clock. This cover will eliminate the chance of someone seeing the word lens on it, I have included a picture before the cover is on and one after to show what I mean. To use the camera part is really quite simple.
First of all make sure your clock is fully charged and ready for recording. This means you have inserted the SD card as well, the slot for it is right above the battery area. There is also an on, off switch located here for the camera, make sure that is in the on position.  After you have the card in simply place the clock so it is aimed at the area of the room you want to record. Then with the remote you can control the camera without touching the clock, this will help you be discrete about it. There are 4 different modes for you to record in, all controlled with the tiny remote. 
You have motion activated recording, which means when motion is sensed in front of the camera it will start recording video. This one is great for trying to catch someone in your home when your not there, or things like that. The second mode is just regular recording. This is good if you want to record something going on in it's entirety, like a conversation of something. The third one is for taking still images. Not quite sure what I will use this one for yet, maybe at Christmas for random candid pictures of everyone. The 4th and final mode is just sound recording. This Would be great for conversations, and the recordings take up very little room without images. I love all the modes, and was very surprised/impressed with the quality.
The pictures and videos are really clear (I use the adapter to view them on my laptop), you would never guess they were taken with a clock. Everything in the images is clear you can even see some smaller details.  The range is also great you definitely don't have to have it right next to the person or object you want to record. The sound is nice and clear, and it doesn't fade in and out like some voice recorders I own do.
Overall This is just a Really Great alarm clock and hidden camera. It really preforms like a high end model for both aspects. If you are looking to record in secret you need this clock.

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Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of it