Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mr. Earth Illuminating, Levitating, Rotating Globe (6 inch)

This floating globe is absolutely amazing, but you need to have patience when setting it up. 

I love that this globe uses reverse magnetism to hold it aloft. However it does more then just float above the stand. First of all when this arrives you are going to require a completely flat area, and it can’t be on a surface that shakes easily. If the base shakes the globe will fall and slam to the base hard.
When you go to set the globe over the base you are going to have to do it in a couple steps. First you need to plug the base in of course, and turn it on with the button on the bottom. After you do that touch the power button on the front, this is the globe light. It is easier to know when the globe is in the right area with the power to it on. This is because the globe only lights up when held in the right area, and at the right height. When holding it over the base cup it with both hands, because it is going to be pulled very strongly towards the edges. With the globe cupped move it forward, back, left, and right. In doing this you will feel the pull, but you will also feel the spot in the center where the force lets go. This is the spot where you are going to let go. However you need to wait until you actually start to feel it lift off your hands. If you don’t the pull from the sides is so strong it will suck it over.
Once you get it in place the first time it gets easier to do. When the globe is floating on it’s own it is an amazing sight. The globe glows brightly, but not too bright. It also spins just like earth does, and it goes at a good pace. It’s not so slow you get board and not so fast that you can’t see anything. The part that amazes me though is that you can actually touch it. You can still stop it and look at certain places, and you can give it a little spin and stop it again to look at the next one. However if you tap it or touch it too hard it knocks off balance and slams to the side, Trust me my son did it.
This is a great conversation piece to keep on a shelf or the mantel. It is also a great way to get your children interested in geography. My older children love to look at things on this globe it just makes it so much more fun. If they can’t find it with the globe floating they can simply pick it up and role it in their hands until they do. This is great hands on learning and has so much more of and impact then a book or poster map does.
This Levitating globe is something that every home and family could benefit from having, both decoratively and informatively.

How To Balance Your Amazing Mr.Earth Globe

Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of it