Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Infinite Speed King Top RC Car (Yellow Aurora RS) By Babrit

This car is great for kids and adults

This remote control car is really easy for kids of all ages to use, once you get it set right. When I tried the car the first time it would only go backwards no matter how we tried the trigger. However I played with the knobs and trigger and I got it set so it works perfectly. This car has a very simple straightforward  operation so all kids can use it.
You use the trigger to go forward or in reverse, and the wheel is to turn left or right. That is literally all there is to driving it. The tiny knob is the one I had to play with to get it to function properly. I simply turned it all the way to the front and it works perfectly. The car also drives and handles very well.
You can adjust your speed by how hard you pull or push the trigger. You pull to go forward and push to go in reverse. The car handles really good. It is low to the ground and turns sharp when needed. You even have little spring shocks to handle rocks and bumps. This car also goes much faster then I thought it would.
The front and back bumpers are a great addition if you have kids that are going to use it. The bumpers stick out far enough that it protects it against slamming into everything. My kids have crashed a million times and you can’t even tell. The best part is that the car doesn’t require batteries. It has a rechargeable battery pack instead. The remote requires 4 double A batteries (not included), but them seem to last a long time. I put them in when we first got it and after hours of total play we haven’t had to change them yet. This seems to be much better then some others we have that go through a new set every time you use it.

Overall this is a great car whether you are a kid just learning to use one, or and adult that loves to drive RC cars.

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