Sunday, October 9, 2016

Leather Bound Notebooks (diary & journal size)

These notebooks are absolutely wonderful for so many reasons. 

They are leather bound with some really great extras. They’re held closed with a black elastic band and a great little nautical type charm, also the pages are held in with elastic and there are two little metal charms on the bottom of each. The inside though is what makes this more unique then any other notebook I have ever owned. Inside of the smaller one you start with blank paper, which is a nice thickness it’s not like watercolor thick but it’s not so thin that your pen is going to leak through. No matter what kind of pen you are using. Then there is a piece of thin cardboard with a pocket, and a section of lined paper. The lined paper is the same as the blank when it comes to thickness. At the end of that section is another cardboard pocket that separates it from another section of blank pages. This is great because I can use it to sketch or to keep notes and record my thoughts. It would be great for a captain because you can sketch out maps and keep a log all in one place, this is why my husband loves it so much. The larger notebook starts with grid paper and goes to the cardboard and pocket. There is a lined paper section next and after another cardboard pocket you end with a section of blank paper. This large notebook is functional for business and personal use. They are both stunning and the leather is of a great quality. They are soft and supple, so the cover feels like a great pair of boots or handbag. These are great whether you have a use in mind for them already or just want an amazing notebook to have on hand in your home.

Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of it