Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hardcover Spiral Bound Adult Coloring Book On The Go In Blue/Sea (includes carrying Pouch)

I really love my on the go coloring book for so many amazing reasons. I love adult coloring as a stress reliever when I have a free minute. Normally that isn't very often, like only at home after the kids go to bed. With this book though I can do it in many more places then before.
The design of this book is what really make it perfect for travel, well and the pouch of course. This is a spiral bound rectangular book. With a hard back cover and double sided pages. Since the pages can be flipped completely over the top, you are able to color on a hard surface no matter which picture your working on. Also the paper quality is really great.
Each sheet is really thick so you can color with any medium you want. Even though the pages are double sided there is no leaking through at all, even with gel pens pressing hard. I like to use my gel pens because of all the small details.
There is a nice mix in the book of challenging almost too complicated pictures, and some easier ones. There are pictures for every skill level and situation.
The carrying pouch is also really handy. There is plenty of room in the pouch to carry around all your coloring necessities too. This also makes it easier to carry in your purse, book bag, or diaper bag. I say this because you can just reach in and grab it, no more digging around in the bottom of your bag for that color you need. 
I don't get that much time to color, but with this book I have been making time. This has really helped me to handle my stress in a healthier way. I think it is perfect for any teen or adult color lover in your family. I have a personal connection to the sea, but no matter which you chose it will be beautiful.

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Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion of it