Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Elle Decor Duvet Covers Quilt Set in Patchwork Red (Quilt & 2 Pillow Shams Full/Queen Size)

This quilt set is great as your everyday bedspread or for that extra holiday company. This cozy quilt will definitely make all your guest feel right at home. 
This set includes your quilt and two matching pillow shams. It's available in many different color options to match any bedroom or guest room decor. I chose the patchwork red option because it reminds me the most of a handmade quilt. I love quilts, and I think they can make anyone feel more comfortable in a new place. They remind me of when I was little, because my favorite blanket was a quilt my mother made for me. I use this one as a blanket on my bed right now.
I have a comforter set but this is a perfect addition to that. I use just this on top of my other blanket on nice mild nights. On those cold nights that are coming (it will be 20 below here soon) though, I will be using both this and my other comforter to stay warm. This is deffinitly one of those quilts you will have for decades to come.
This is a nice soft well made quilt, and it is just going to get cozier the more you use it. I say this because after use and washing it will be more broken in and more like someone made it ecspecially for you. The pillow cases are just as nice with matching patchwork designs, with the same materials as the quilt. All the pieces have nice strong stitching that won't break or split on you. I honestly belive this will be one of those blankets you have around your home for generations to come. My children and I love snuggling up under this to watch a movie and it is plenty big enough for the whole family to enjoy together.

This Quilt Set Is Available Here In Many Colors & Sizes